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Open every day (365 days a year).
Not less than 10 pools with warm water of varying temperatures, with water jets and bubbles comprise the largest Alpine thermal water resort in Europe. At any time of the year the indoor thermal swimming pool with different kinds of underwater massages is ideal for acclimatising yourself. After getting used to the water temperature, you swim to the outdoor pool and let yourself be massaged by various water torrents and jacuzzies. At the central level, you'll discover that you have come to the spa-goer's paradise. You float effortlessly in the water and let your neck be massaged by warm water. Along the foot course you can try a Kneipp Kur with warm and cold foot baths, complemented by alternating hot and cold baths for your forearms.​​

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أطفال 12.—
جونيور 17.—
كبار 21.—
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ساعات العمل

ساعات العمل
ساعات العمل Daily from 08:00-20:00

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حمامات سباحة خارجية, برك سباحة داخلية
  • حمامات سباحة خارجية
  • برك سباحة داخلية

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الطول: 12m-25m
: 0.50m-2.01m
حمام سباحة للأطفال: 4

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: 2
أطول منزلق مائي: 126.00m

  • "الكرة الطائرة الشاطئية "

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  • منطقة للتشميس
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Leukerbad Therme
Rathausstrasse 32
3954 Leukerbad

+41 (0)27 472 20 20

جميع المعلومات هي مسؤولية الشركاء المحليين؛ بيانات الطقس مقدمة من SRF Meteo.



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  • 16°
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  • برك سباحة داخلية
  • 35°
  • حمامات سباحة خارجية
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