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The pool in the Alpine Sports centre does not only attract ambitious sports swimmers but is a fun place for families after skiing or hiking. The size of the pool and the view of the nearby mountains make the pool an attractive location to relax in or outside the water.

The quiet village itself and the natural environment offer perfect conditions for swimmers in trainings camps with its numerous possibilities before and after training sessions. The Alpine Sports Centre can be the start of a sports career with top results. Sports Clubs are welcome to train during a weekend or a full week with accommodation in the Sports Chalet.

The indoor swimming pool offers the following infrastructure:

A pool with 25m of length and 11m of with (4 lanes)
Water temperature of 28°C (82,4°F)
A Jacuzzi with a splendorous mountain view
and 33°C (91,4°F) water temperature
A small Kids pool
Modern wardrobes and showers on the lower floor​​

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Tipi di infrastrutture di piscine

Piscina coperta
  • Piscina coperta

3 Piscina

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Lunghezza: 25m
Profondità: 2.00m
  • Vasca per nuotatori
  • Piscina per bambini
  • Vasca per massaggi
  • Idromassaggio
  • Vasca con acqua fredda
  • Sauna
  • Corsie

1 scivoli

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Numero: 1

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  • Zattera
  • Prato giochi/sport (frisbee, volano, ecc.)
  • Parco giochi
  • Ping-pong
  • Calcio balilla
  • Giochi acquatici


  • Ristorante
  • Chiosco


  • Spogliatoi
  • Armadietti


  • Costumi da bagno
  • Armadietti


  • Wireless LAN pubblica (WLAN)
  • Prato-solarium
  • Sorveglianza balneare
  • Area relax
  • Doccia


Alpines Sportzentrum Mürren
Höhematte 1074b
3825 Mürren

+41 (0)33 856 86 86

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